Kallstar media has invest large sums of money in the quality Department so we want to make sure that we are operating as effectively as possible and that the customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the service they receive. We do this through quality monitoring of the call and our employees.


Kallstar Belief that quality monitoring is done by people rather than software. Speech recognition software is improving, but has not yet reached the point where it is preferred over human monitors.

Some companies set up their call centers without including a quality monitoring program. This is short-sighted. Kallstar Media has develop a live monitoring and after sale quality check department which means we listen to each and every call.

We have Developed a “scorecard” where we measure each and every call and mark it accordingly . These scores are then made available to the company management to see if they are meeting their goals (KPI) and so they can take appropriate action. Management select a sample of calls to use to evaluate Quality Dept scoring.

Bottom Line

By monitoring a statistically significant number of calls, scoring them against a calibrated scorecard, and providing those data to everyone involved, a company can maximize the value of its call center and call center employees.